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Eric Wiegand


Eric was born in Atlanta, raised in Philly, and meant for California. He heads up the business side of NZYM, and is the co-founder, Chief of the Tribe, and idea man for the company. Always with his head in the clouds, Eric wanted to create a company that everyone could be a part of; one that offered dope clothes that work well for whatever you are wild for, and sell them at affordable prices. He skates, snowboards, surfs, sings, plays bass, drums, ultimate frisbee, volleyball and parties hard.


Stefan Bossbaly

Village Headsman

Stefan was born in Pennsylvania and has spent most of his life in Newtown. Growing up he was always good with technology and over the years has taught himself enough to build programs, websites and mobile applications. Using this knowledge, he co-founded NZYM with Eric and is currently Head Shaman in charge of all things technology for the company. He is an all around nerd taking interest in mathematics, physics and computing sciences. In his free time he likes to run, program, hangout and think about philosophy and other random topics of life.




Beans the Visual Mystic- more than meets the eye, Beans was born and raised in NC, and is the newest part of the NZYM tribe. When not being a Wild Card about the land, Beans is usually locked inside of a room with a pen and pad, that good, some beats and one thing in mind: to create the dopest designs for the dopest people. Naturally gifted, Beans has taken and perfected his talents to Charlotte, Blacksburg and all points in-between.



Head Brave

What does S.K. stand for does anyone know? Smooth Korean? Possibly. S.K. was born and raised in Silver Spring MD. He believes in the common motto, look good- feel good-play good. A socialite, he loves promoting the brand, scouting new talent and throwing some awesome parties. He believes he was Russian in a past life due to his love for vodka. Shots anyone?


Lauren, a student at George Mason University, enjoys nothing more then creating. Since elementary school, she has exercised her God given talent to the best of her ability. May it be in the theater, through singing, throwing pottery or studio art, she strives to contribute as much as possible. Lauren is thrilled to be a part of NZYM Clothing design team and cannot wait to unleash this passion all over your next t-shirt.

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